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Explore the Opera Garnier

(Photo : Gwen King)

Discover the Palais Garnier’s richness through its architectural masterpiece from the 19th century. Built by Charles Garnier in 1861, the Palais Garnier was ordered by Napoleon III as part of the major renovation works carried out through the capital by Baron Haussmann.

The visit to the monument starts from the exterior of the building where you can appreciate the façade adorned by incredible sculptures. Inside, you will be amazed by the many rooms including the huge staircase and their ceiling walls representing some of Isidore Pils' last paintings.

Holding collections from various eras such as Neoclassicism, Impressionism, Romanticism, Symbolism, or Realism, the Palais Garnier displays sculptures, paintings, history, and decorative arts. While visiting, make sure you lift up your head to admire the wall of the Chagall’s Opera room.

The Palais Garnier presents lyrical and choreographic performances and also hosts pedagogic activities such as workshops, meetings between families and performing artists. Each season, over 60 performances are dedicated to ‘’young people’’ in order to introduce children and teenagers to the many facets of dance and music.

The ticket prices go from 8 to 14 euros depending on exposition days, for 12 and under, the Opera visit is free.

Fun fact: On the day of the Palais Garnier Inauguration, Charles Garnier’s name wasn’t on the list. The eponymous architect had to pay for his own entrance ticket, only to be seated at a second-class lodge.

Address :

Place de l'Opéra

75009 Paris


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