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Paris is internationally recognized for its iconic architecture, its various artistic treasures, the luxury shopping and renowned food. With prime locations such as Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Louvre, Marais, Opera, and Notre-Dame, the city of Paris has a lot to offer. 



The Champs-Élysées neighborhood considered as Western Paris is located in the 8th district. With Haussmanian style luxury apartments and suites and, worldwide class hotels, the neighborhood is quite diverse. Mostly visited for the Champs-Élysées street shops and restaurants, the area overflows with haute couture houses, large art galleries, parks, financial institutions, and companies’ headquarters. Among the Champs-Élysées’ neighborhood popular places can be cited: Montaigne Avenue, Monceau park, Grand Palais, and Alexander III’s bridge.


Eiffel Tower

Located on the Left bank, the Eiffel Tower neighborhood boards the 7th and 15th districts of Paris. Well known as a wealthy area with 5 stars and 4 stars luxury hotels, apartments, and palaces, the neighborhood is also known for being the habitat of foreign embassies and international residents in Paris. Streets are quiet and distinguished with the many fine-dining restaurants and pedestrian streets and markets proposing a fine selection of local cheeses, meats, flowers, and fresh produce.



The Louvre is the oldest and smallest neighborhood in Paris. Located in the 1st and 2nd districts of the cosmopolitan city, the area locates various attractions such as the Louvre Museum which is the largest museum in the world with nearly 35 000 pieces of art, the Museum of decorative arts, and the Orangerie Museum displaying treasures from the Impressionism era.
The Louvre neighborhood also locates Vendôme Place, Paris's most lavish place, a space holding many luxury jewelers and high-end boutiques. While visiting, you will also find the Faubourg Saint Honoré, a street considered as central arteries of the French couture industry, high-end perfumers, fashion designers, and fine accessory shops.


Le Marais

Le Marais meaning ‘marsh’ in old French is Paris's trendiest neighborhood located in the 3rd and 4rth district. Prized for its antique charm and narrow roads, it is Paris's most eclectic district. Le Marais is seen as the place to be for creatives in Paris, with numerous independent designers, art galleries, concept stores, artisanal coffee shops, local restaurants, vintage shops, and little courtyards. Some luxury mansions and palaces once owned by Paris most nobles’ families from the 17th century are to be seen in the quiet and ungentrified neighborhood of Le Marais.


Notre Dame

The Notre Dame area is central, between the 1st and the 4th district of Paris, the place is highly touristic. Notre Dame’s cathedral is located in the middle of Paris, one of the two islands of Paris named Ile de la cité. The gothic architecture masterpiece built during the Middle Ages is one of Paris's most visited monuments. Going a few meters further from the cathedral, you will discover the Latin Quarter.



Located in the 9th district of Paris, the Opera neighborhood has one of the most beautiful legacies of urbanism from the 19th century. With a great cultural heritage, Opera has become the headquarters for shopping and fashion with department stores such as Printemps and Galleries Lafayette. In the area on Saint Anne Street, Paris Little Tokyo can be found, associated with the Nippon culture, the street overflows with Japanese restaurants, local pastry shops, and wine boutiques.

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