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Bouillon Chartier - Traditional dishes at a modest price

(Photo website Bouillon Chartier)

Look at this huge legendary room classified as a historical monument and full of history near the Opera Garnier. You are in one of the Parisian broths. The place is unique and deserves a visit by itself. It has a luxury decor with ceramic walls by Louis Trézel and mirrors surrounded by woodwork in the purest Art Nouveau style. In 1896, the Bouillon Chartier was born on a simple idea: to offer a meal worthy of the name at a modest price, to respect the clientele in order to gain their loyalty. Fifty million meals and four owners later, the recipe is still the same: traditional and simple cuisine at modest prices.

At the Bouillon Chartier, it's the atmosphere that is in the spotlight ! The curious and the regulars crowd in front of the door from 11:30 am. The room is sublime. You can immediately feel an excitement, an expectation, a need to marvel, or simply a desire to sit down in one of the mythical Parisian places.

As for the menu, it plays on the register of bourgeois cuisine, with the majority of dishes cooked on the spot, such as the impeccable mayo egg, the excellent celery remoulade, the calf's head, the andouillette, Some meats and fish as well as vinaigrettes and mayonnaises. Count between 1 € and 6,80 € for one of the 18 entries proposed to the chart, from 8,50 € to 13,50 € for a dish (Sea bream in the oven with virgin sauce, sauerkraut, grilled Andouillette... ) and 4 € or less for a dessert.

Under the solarium, you share your table with strangers and this can offer you interesting and joyful moments. Tourists of all nationalities and regulars exchange around the dish of the day. The service is ultra fast and you free your table as soon as the meal is over, even if you are comfortable... Some waiters can be grumpy, in a hurry like in a Michel Audiard movie... Enjoy, you are in the heart of the movie. Here, we have the chance to live a different moment.

Why do we love this place :

We love this place because you can eat copiously in a mythical place of Paris at unbeatable prices.

Fun Fact :

The two floors room was formerly the cartridge and casing manufacturing workshop of the Chaudun-Derivière establishments, in business from 1845 to the 1880s.

Also in Les Beaux Quartiers, Louis Aragon mentions the Bouillon Chartier: the young Edmond Barbentane, a medical student, regularly lunched there.

Address :

7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris

Metro : Grand Boulevards

Open daily from

(+33) 1 47 70 86 29


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