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The best park in the center of Paris.

The Champs de Mars park is a huge green space accessible from metro line 8 at the station Ecole Militaire.

Located at the South East of the Eiffel Tower between the Ecole Militaire former military academy and the River Seine, the grassy space is the ideal picnic spot after a visit to The Eiffel Tower. Formerly used as a parade ground and for military drills for the cadets studying at Ecole Militaire in the 18th century. The park has witnessed several events such as the 1791 massacre, the worldwide fairs, and revolution acts.

Ideal for families and kids, there are 4 different playgrounds across the park with climbing webs, basketball courts, ping pong table, swings, puppet theatre, and much more. With snack bars and cafes, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious waffle or crepes during your promenade in the Champs de Mars garden.

After the sunset, you’ll be amazed by the 20 000 sparkling light brightening the Eiffel tower. The show happens every hour, making it an unmissable magic moment.

The plus about this attraction is the opening time: The park is open 24/7 day and night and every day of the year.

Fun fact: The name ‘’Champs de Mars’’ translates into ‘’Mars field’’ in English. The name comes from the fact that when Paris was still a winemaking region, the Champs de mars were the farming fields where the Parisians grew their organic fruits and vegetables.

Address :

2 Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur,

75007, Paris


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