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Discover the oldest and most beautiful square of Paris

(Photo : Instagram @patrickcolpron)

Formerly called Place Royale, the square now called ‘’Place des Vosges’’ reunites 36 houses placed in symmetry in the Marais neighborhood. The ground floor arcades, roofs with steep slate, and the large dormer windows make the beauty of the place, along with the 4 fountains.

The blue roofs are made of steep slate from Angers (a city located in the west of France), and the arcades are used as a walking place and a shelter for shopping galleries.

Although Place des Vosges was built at the time of the bourgeoisie movements, it was also one of the first public spaces in Paris dedicated to walks and promenades for people in quest of calm and well-being. Nowadays, the place still provides calmness and peace in the center of Paris.

Furthermore, Place des Vosges was home to many influential and famous people in history besides locating Picasso’s former residence. People such as Victor Hugo, Madame de Sevigné, François Couperin and Alphonse Daudet have resided at Place des Vosges.

Fun fact: Only the houses that were built early in Paris were built in brick. Because of lack of time, the remaining houses were built with timber frames and faced with plaster before being painted to make them look similar to bricks.

Address :

Place des Vosges,

75004 Paris


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