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Looking for a feel-like home restaurant near the Louvre in Paris ? Try Maison Maison

(Photo : Instagram @maisonmaisonparis)

Maison Maison is a bistro-style restaurant with a terrace at the border of the Seine River. On sunny days, you will be amazed by the beauty of the view while enjoying an exquisite meal. From the window, you will see the Seine’s calm waves, Paris Oldest bridge, l’Ile de la Cité, and the Eiffel tower from afar.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, the Parisian restaurant serves homemade dishes based on artisanal products and organic fruits, vegetables, and wines. Good things about the place are the freshness of the products and the fact that Maison Maison offers vegetarian options. Try their tasteful spices hummus (that comes with amazing bread) and other tapas plates to share as starters, you will thank us later!

The restaurant has a 19 euro day formula including suggested starter, main, and dessert, and 23 euros formula for the evening including the same. The price range goes from 19 to 40 euros, and the average price per person in the evening would be 45 euros with drinks or wine included.

Fun fact: The Louvre quayside has and remains a place admired by artists. In art form, Claude Monet painted a view of the quay in 1867, as well as Albert Marquet who in 1906 painted the Quai du Louvre and Robert Delaunay in 1908.

Why do we love this place ?

The restaurant serves local and bio products and the view is excellent, specially on sunny days.

Address :

16 quai du Louvre or 63 voies Georges Pompidou

Paris, 75001

Contact : 0967820732


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