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L'atelier des compères - a philosophy around the art of the table !

(Photo Website : L'atelier des compères)

Can you hear the laughter at the end of the street? That's where it comes from, nestled in the back of a courtyard, between Avenue Marceau and the Champs-Elysées, where you can read L'Atelier des compères in large letters. It's the place to share moments of life and happiness, under the sign of conviviality.

Well known to Parisians, and for good reason, at l'Atelier, there is a glassed-in metal structure in what used to be a building courtyard with a breathtaking view of the kitchen. Here you can watch Chef Jacques Boudin concoct his knives with mussel juice, salicornia and mushrooms with exquisite iodized flavors. Just as delicious, try the beautiful thick veal chop, served slightly pink, which is perfectly accompanied by a heady sauce with woodland mushrooms, and escorted by a really greedy pastry gratin. The menu offers a starter - main course or main course - dessert for 41€ and for the greediest a starter - main course - dessert for 51€.

Why do we love this place :

l’Atelier des compères is a stone that has been placed around which everyone can come and recharge their batteries.

Fun Fact :

At l'Atelier des compères we don't hide anything from you, everything is visible, even the Chef ! So if you are curious, take the opportunity to ask him questions

Adresse :

Close Saturday to Sunday

Reception until 10pm

56, rue Galilée à Paris 16e

Metro : Etoile


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