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Electric scooters in Paris

(Photo by Vlad B on Unsplash)

Lime, Dott, and Tier are the three electric scooter companies allowed to operate in the city of Paris. There are about 2 500 scooter stations in Paris with at least 6 bikes per station proposing electric shooters from the mentioned companies.

Lime electric scooters are large and slender with a maximum speed of 24 km/h, for a 50 km autonomy. Limes are available to use from 18 years old.

Large and slender, this motorized skate can go to a maximum speed of and is accessible from 18 years old.

As for the price, there is a «support» fee of 1 euro, then the use of the electric scooters will be 15 cents per minute. To pay, you need 10, 20, or 50 euros coupons. On average, for a 15-minute journey, you will pay 3.25 euros and 5.50 euros for a 30-minute journey on Lime electric scooters.

To use it, you need to download the application and put at least 10 euros in your account. You must first locate available Lime scooters on the map, find them, then scan the bar code (QR code) located on the handlebar, to unlock it. If some Lime scooters are hidden, it is possible to make it emit an audible warning to help the user find the scooter. To return it, just park it (where it least disturbs), then press ‘’finish the journey’’ on the app.

Dott is a French startup that has decided to create its own scooter. In straight line, the Dott reaches 25 km/h and 35 km/h in autonomy.

Hundreds of vehicles have been deployed in Paris, yet their distribution isn’t really practical. While some areas are full of scooters, mostly on the right bank of the capital, others have only a handful (like the 19th arrondissement of Paris).

Dott electric scooters have the same pricing system as other electric scooters companies. Dott electric scooters are to be found with the Dott app available on Google Play and App store. The Dott app provides information such as the scooter battery percentage or geolocation., It costs 1 euro to unlock the vehicle and 15 cents per minute of use. A 50% discount is offered for the first three races.

Main rules when using electric scooters in Paris:

  • The allowed maximum speed limit for these machines is 25 km per hour. A 1500 euros fine can be applied if the limitation is not respected.

  • Circulating on the footpath is strictly prohibited for security reasons. Electrical scooters can ride on bike paths and on roads where the maximum permitted traffic is less than 50 km/h. A 135 euros fine can be applied, if the rule is not respected.

  • As for the equipment, it is recommended to wear a helmet, a reflective vest (at night or in poor visibility), and use gloves.

  • Wearing headphones while driving is prohibited.

  • The driver must be 12 years or older to drive an electrical scooter. A 25 euros fine can be applied if the rule is not respected

  • Being two people on an electrical scooter is strictly prohibited. Taking a passenger on a scooter is punishable by a fine of 135 euros.


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