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Visiting l’Arc de triomphe, Paris

(Photo : Bastien Nvs)

It is well known that L’Arc de Triomphe is the main landmark of the Champs Elysees neighbourhood. Discover one of Paris' most impressive views from the top of the arch, you will absolutely love it. Perfect for a family adventure, the spiralling staircases and the various sculptures adorning the arc will impress you.

From the top of l’Arc de Triomphe, you’ll see a dozen broad avenues, being the highest point in the line of monuments (grand axis), it offers an incredible panoramic view of the City of Lights and its amazing skyscrapers and monuments.

Walking beneath the arch, at the ground level you will be able to see the Tomb of the Unknown soldier: The monument honours the 1.3 million French soldiers who have lost their lives during WWI. Our advice is, do not adventure yourself in crossing the huge roundabout giving access to l’Arc de Triomphe. Look for the stairs leading to a pedestrian tunnel to access the monument.

The visit to the monument is free for those under 18, and the price of the visit goes from 12 to 9 euros. L’Arc de Triomphe is open from 10 to 22 every day.

Fun fact: A plaque quoting Charles De Gaulle’s famous resistance speech lies beneath the arc of L’Arc de Triomphe.

Address :

27, rue Vernet

75008 Paris


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