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Traditional French cuisine near the Eiffel Tower, Paris

(Photo : Instagram @Auderniermetro)

Explore the Eiffel Tower neighborhood’s authentic Parisian bistro located on Boulevard Grenelle. Called Au dernier metro meaning ‘’At the last metro’’ in French, the bistro offers dishes and plates from the Southwest of France in a typical setting with vintage decor. Besides its quality and authenticity, the old-fashioned bistro with Southern vibes reserves a warm welcome to its guests.

With meals inspired from the Basque country, Au dernier metro offers a range of choices from the starter to the desserts. The bistro proposes for starters, plates such as Basque country terrines, or toast on plates with Bayonne ham, mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes. The bistro proposes authentic and mouth-watering mains such as Caramelized pork breast, Duck breast in pepper and honey sauce, or 350 grams Entrecote (12 oz). For dessert, indulge yourself to the homemade tiramisu or delicious Rhum baba.

The price range of Au dernier metro is the following: Starters from 5 to 13 euros, mains going from 13 to 20 euros and desserts at around 8 euros. The average price per person would be 45 euros with drinks included.

Fun fact: During the Russian Occupation of Paris, the word ‘bistro’ was introduced to the general public in the form of restaurants that were opened during the time.

Why do we love this place ?

In a welcoming ambiance and the bistro serves generous portions and delicious meals.

Address :

70 bd Grenelle, (Building 1)

75015 PARIS

Contact :

01 45 75 01 23


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