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Paris Taxis and VTCs (Uber, Heetch, etc.)

(Photo by Diego Fernandez on Unsplash)

Taxis in France do not have a distinct color to recognize them as taxis, yet they can be recognized by the taxi sign on top of the car.

Parisian taxis only stop at dedicated kiosks most of the time, and for that, the city of Paris has set up a unique number to put you in touch with the nearest taxi stand. Operating 24/7 it allows you to order a taxi right away or book one that will come at the required time.

To check the availability of a taxi in Paris, check the sign located on top of the car. If the sign is green, the taxi is available. If the sign is red, the taxi already has passengers or is on its way to pick customers up.

Some well known Taxis companies in Paris :

- Alpha Taxis : 01 45 85 85 85

- Taxis Bleus : 36 09

- Taxis G7 : 36 07

Taxis in Paris have specific fares depending on the time of day (day or evening/night), the length of the journey, and the density of traffic, however; prices to and from the Airports are fixed.

From Paris CDG Airport - To the left bank : 58 euros (Eiffel Tower)

From Paris CDG Airport - To the right bank : 53 euros (Champs-Élysées, Louvre, Le Marais, Notre Dame, Opéra)

From Paris Orly Airport - To the left bank : 32 euros (Eiffel Tower)

From Paris Orly Airport - To the right bank : 37 euros (Champs-Élysées, Louvre, Le Marais, Notre Dame, Opéra)

Extra fees:

If you are five or more passengers in a taxi, an extra charge of €4 per person will be applied.

For very short journeys, the minimum price is €7.30.

The cost of additional luggage is 1 euro per luggage.

It is sometimes difficult to find a free taxi in Paris, the worst time to find one is between midnight and two in the morning.

There are around 18 000 taxi drivers and 25 000 VTC in Paris and its suburban areas.

VTC cabs are an alternative option to taxis in Paris, VTC is a transport car, in general, a high-end one, with a driver at your disposal for a fee.

VTC cabs meaning Véhicule de Tourisme avec Chauffeur and do not have a distinct sign compared to taxis, yet most of them hold a license to operate as private drivers.

VTC companies you will find in Paris:

Uber - The giant of the industry

Heetch - The lowest commissions amongst VTC competitors in Paris

Marcel - Only service to offer a 100% electric VTC range in Paris.

Wheely - Class A Mercedes for luxury rides. Prices are slightly higher than the competitors.

Download the app to know more about these VTC apps and their prices.


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