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Nanny Bag Paris - Luggage storage

(Photo website nannybag)

You are in Paris for your vacation and you arrived earlier than expected for the check in of your Merveil apartment? Or we are not able to keep your luggage a few extra hours after your checkout?

To satisfy your needs and contribute to your comfort during your Parisian escapade, Merveil has found the best possibility to unload your luggage in complete safety.

You can use a network of private service providers like Nannybag who will take care of your personal belongings in complete security. Nannybag is open 7d/7, 24h/24 every day of the year with over 200 baggage storage locations throughout Paris. Nannybag can unload your bags for 6€ per bag per day with an extra 4€ for each additional day.

The rate includes luggage insurance with AXA as well as a free cancellation. Nannybag has formed several partnerships with stores and hotels that will allow you to drop off your luggage in complete peace of mind near your Merveil suite.

Have a safe trip with Merveil


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