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Grab your croissant at the oldest pastry of all Paris

(Photo : Instagram @stohrer)

In 1730, Nicolas Stohrer who was the king Louis 15th ‘s pastry cook opened its very own pastry. Considered a sweet and savory temple, Stohrer has along the year managed to serve the best of French classical pastries.

The pastry has sympathetic and distinguished decor with the murals and the blue and yellow colors dominating. The decoration was made by Paul Baudry, one of the most famous representatives of academic painting during the Second Empire Era.

We’d recommend trying the famous ‘’Puits d’amour’’ and the classical ‘’ baba au rhum’’ when visiting the pastry. Respecting classic pastries' recipe while adding creative innovations, Stohrer’s pastries and bakeries will have your taste buds asking for more. The pastries price range goes from 5 to 40 euros or more depending on the size.

Fun fact: Pierre Lienard who was the owner of the Stohrer boutique invented the famous Rum baba. The original recipe came from Stohrer’s idea of soaking a dried brioche in a Malaga wine and adding grapes and pastry cream. Almost 200 years later, in 1835, the recipe was changed by a descendant of Nicolas Stohrer who decided to replace the wine with Rhum.

Address :

51 rue Montorgueil,

75002 Paris

Contact : 01 42 33 38 20


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