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Get your daily bread at L’atelier des pains&co

(Photo : Instagram @atelierdespains)

L’atelier des pains and co is a handicraft pastry family business. The Garreau family has developed a dozen stores in Paris mastering the craft of bakery from generation to generation.

Instead of a classic baguette, try the ‘’Flute de l’Atelier’’, delicious bread that will have you addicted to l’Atelier des pains & Co. Making sure that all the products are freshly homemade every day, l’Ateliers des Pains and Co loves to serve novelties and creations made by the house.

One of the great values of the pastry is the family spirit reigning through generations. With a team united by their love for the craft and the pastries traditions, l’Atelier des Pains & Co makes your bread with love and passion.

Besides bread and pastries, the place also serves pastries, meals, and savory snacks such as Goat cheese and tomato Bruschetta, Salmon and spinach Quiche, or a delicious Croque Monsieur.

L’atelier des pains & Co is opened Monday to Sunday.

Fun fact :

Bread brings a multitude of benefits at the level of health. Not only does bread contain protein, vitamin B1, iron, magnesium, and also dietary fiber. Furthermore, 1/2 baguette, covers 30% of your recommended carbohydrate intake for the day.

Address :

8, rue de Ponthieu

75008 Paris

Contact : 01 43 59 27 91


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