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Hot air balloons experience in Paris

Live a magical moment visiting Paris and its suburbs from the top. In French, hot air balloons are called ‘’Montgolfier’’; the name was given in reference of Etienne and Joseph Montgolfier, the two brothers who created the first hot air balloon in 1783. We have picked two options for you to live this magical experience.

  • France balloons - Chateau de Fontainebleau, Carrefour de Maintenon (Castle side), 77300 Fontainebleau

France balloons gives you the opportunity to visit Paris surrounding areas aboard a hot air balloon driven by an amazing pilot and its team. Taking place a little bit further from the capital, in Fontainebleau, the activity will give you the impression of touching the clouds in a one hour hot air balloon flight. This unique experience will have you appreciating France’s heritage with antic castles, gardens and other edifices. The part we loved the most in this activity was the end as everyone gets delivered a flyer certificate before sharing their impressions on the flight over a drink with appetizers.

  • Ballon de Paris Generali - 2 rue Cauchy - 75015 Paris

For those who would like to stay in the capital or aren’t really comfortable with hot air balloons flight, Ballon de Paris Generali is the best option. Located in the 15th district of Paris, the hot air balloon goes up to 300 meters, while being tied to the ground, allowing you to enjoy the capital’s best panoramic view. Contrary to France balloons, the activity doesn’t comprise the flight, meaning that you will not see the balloon inflated and the nacelle lifted off, nor take a stroll along the wind. A pleasant experience that will give you the best view of The Eiffel Tower, the Seine river and Paris' highest peaks.


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