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Ernest & Valentin handcraft bakery near Le Marais, Paris

(Photo : Instagram @Ernestetvalentin)

A pastry owned by the Lafond brothers, Bradley and Logan. Both passionate about bread, and pastries, they decided to create Ernest and Valentin, as a tribute to their grandfathers.

The choice of noble ingredients and the attention given during the manufacturing process are the keys to the good quality of Ernest & Valentin products. Focusing on transparency, the pastry has arranged communication directly from the bakehouse to the shop, to show each step of bread making.

The pastry offers bread, bakeries, savory sandwiches and salads, and exquisite pastries such as salted caramel butter pear flavored choux, passion fruit, and strawberry religieuse, coffee tarts, or colorful éclairs.

Fun fact: The two owners of the pastry have done a 180 turn in terms of profession, going from finance and import-export to pastries experts. An initiative that made them learn about the profession in the field.

Address :

42, rue Réaumur

75003 Paris

Contact : 01 42 77 77 22


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