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Atypical restaurant experience in le Marais, Paris

(Photo : Instagram @Restaurantderriere)

Located at the back of a courtyard in the Marais, the restaurant was built in a former hotel by a french-American artist.

In an original and fun atmosphere, the restaurant is set on many floors: The grand dining room is on the ground floor along with small adjoining rooms and the first floor presents a bedroom that can be made private, a retro-themed decorated bathroom, and a secret room accessible via a wardrobe (some say that it is the smoking area)

In an eclectic and vintage décor, the restaurant is organized like an apartment, the idea came from the restaurant owner’s desire to invite friends at home every evening. With various rooms such as the boudoir, the living room, or even the bedroom, this unique place offers delightful French dishes.

Le derrière serves feel-like-home French dishes, traditional family cuisine. On the menu, you will find simple meals such as foie gras and homemade pates, ratatouille with roasted lamb, beef and French fries, and more... The plus about the restaurant is the offering of vegetarian option.

The price range of Derriere goes from 15 to 20 euros for starters, with mains going from 25 to 45 euros and desserts priced at around 15 euros. For a full course meal, the average price per person would be 65 euros with drinks included.

Who do we love this spot ?

Simply because we get to eat well cooked dishes in a extravagant decor and in a friendly atmosphere.

Address :

69, rue des Gravilliers

75003 Paris

Contact :

01 44 61 91 95


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