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Amazing bakery near the Eiffel Tower

(Photo : Instagram @crjbk)

Owned by the couple Virginie and Pascal, this bakery is one of the most authentic of the Eiffel tower area with good prices.

Opened in 1976, the handcraft bakery remains a family business currently owned by the daughter: Virginie Malitourne. Mixing tradition and modernity, the place proposes French fine pastries, chocolate, bakeries, and catering services. Whether it is for a baguette, a croissant, a macaron, a chocolate pastry, or a savory meal, you will enjoy the taste of handmade and traditional French cuisine.

For the savory side, a mouth-watering menu is suggested by the chef every day: On Mondays, are suggested meals such as Veal Osso Bucco or Pot-au-feu, on Tuesday, the chef suggests meals such as Salmon or Pork tenderloin. Visit the bakery to discover the week’s entire menu.

Try asking for a ‘’Tradition’’ bread instead of a classic ‘’baguette’’ at your local bakery. French people call ‘’tradition’’ the bread that has been made on-site, without freezing and without additives in the flour. Besides having a delicious and more distinguished taste, the tradition is healthier than the classical baguette.

Fun fact: Every second, 320 baguettes are being consumed and produced in France, making a total of 10 billion baguettes a year.

Address :

30 rue de Chaillot

75116 Paris

Contact : 0147205226


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